Our Mission for lawn care services

At Agape landscaping we believe that hard work and a servants heart is the key to successful relationships in life. That is why we strive to give you the best lawn care services and landscaping in Lubbock. 

Giving Back

We believe that a community works best when we take care of one another. That belief confounded by the words of Jesus (John 13:34) is why we started our 1-4-1 program.


Why choose Agape?

Agape provides the same services as the big companies but with a personal touch. At Agape the CEO is God and the standard is perfection. But thanks to the amazing Son of God, Jesus Christ, interceding on our behalfs mistakes can be forgiven instead of condemning us forever. We will strive to reach a level of statisfaction for every client that goes above and beyond earthly comprehension.


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